March 16, 2001 Newmarket Film Group $25,544,867

  • Filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s first breakthrough film proved to be a box-office success after being passed on by every major studio and independent distributor. 
  • Early  crossover indie movie that broke out to reach $25M DBO 
  • Huge home entertainment success with multiple versions released
  • Launched Christopher Nolan
  • When other distributors didn’t think it would connect with an audience, Bob knew how to release it and saw the promise.
  • Original Screenplay and Best Editing noms
  • Assets on Molly’s site
  • One of the first times a film’s website was used to create a fake news story about the characters in the film without any direct identification with the movie.  Chris’ brother, Jonah, created the site:  It worked and the audience was in on the joke.