In the spring of 1917, as World War I rages across Europe, three young shepherds report multiple visions of the Virgin Mary near Fátima, Portugal. Their prophecy that only prayer and suffering will bring peace inspires believers to flock to the site but angers officials of both the secularist government and the Church, who try to coerce the children into recanting their story. On the day of Mary’s final visit, tens of thousands of pilgrims arrive hoping to witness a miracle. What they experience will change their lives forever. Starring Sonia Braga (AQUARIUS), Harvey Keitel (THE PIANO), Lúcia Moniz (LOVE, ACTUALLY) and Stephanie Gil (TERMINATOR: DARK FATE).

FATIMA is a powerful and moving story inspired by true events.

"A film that, in stark contrast to most faith-based fodder, is gorgeously shot and designed."

Tara Brady

Irish Times

“'Fatima' is a gorgeous film with inccredible performances by all cast members. The beautiful, majestic voice of Andrea Bocelli sets a spiritual and haunting tone of the film.”

Sarah Knight Adamson

Sarah's Backstage Pass

“In the flourishing faith-based movie genre, this is one of the better ones.”

Richard Roeper

Chicago Sun-Times